My Grown-Up Christmas List

  1. Kate Spade Gramercy watch in gold
  2. This navy quilted vest from J. CrewB0109_BL8133
  3. My student loans to be paid in full
  4. A well-paying full time job
  5. This adorable plaid iPhone 6s phone case (also from J. Crew)C6258_WP4490
  6. Some sanity
  7. Money
  8. The end of terrorism
  9. Camp Socks from J. Crew
  10. Better Metabolism
  11. The ability to eat whatever I want without gaining weight
  12. Ryan to be home
  13. Monograms, monograms, and more monograms

While I realize a lot of these aren’t actually going to happen, but a girl can dream, right? What are some items on your Christmas list this year (tangible or intangible)?


Koko Beth


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