Is Originality A Thing of the Past?

Lately I’ve been struggling with this question. Everywhere I go, someone is ripping off someone else, claiming someone else’s work as their own or encouraging others to do the same. They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but just how far does flattery go before it is insulting?

I, personally, have always hated the idea of stealing someone else’s work, another person’s ideas, etc. We’re taught from a young age that it’s bad to plagiarize and it will get you suspended or expelled from school. However, in the “real world,” if we plagiarize, we will most likely be sued. So why do people continue to do so? Is it really that difficult to formulate your own ideas or devise your own style?

Recently I was told that my writing was not nearly as good as someone else’s. The person insulting my writing had no idea why I wouldn’t just use the other person’s writing since it is “so much better.” I find there to be so much wrong with this situation, and not just because my writing was insulted. I’m left wondering why it is not okay to use my own words, voice and style, and why originality is dwindling.

That wasn’t the only situation I’ve experienced, I’ve witnessed it among other bloggers I follow as well. While I utilize other blogs to inspire me, I find it extremely unnecessary to take their entire ideas, posts, layouts, etc. and claiming them as my own. Your blog is supposed to be a reflection of yourself, not taking others personalities/styles.Perhaps, people are afraid to use their own work for fear of failure. They see others succeeding and want the same success so they decide that they want that exact same success for themselves. Seems valid right? Wrong. I’ve failed multiple times with finding the right blog style and layout that was completely me, but I’m working my way up and slowly but surely finding my way.

Do you have any thoughts on this or a similar story to share? Comment below and see if we can figure this all out together!


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